I started JETSET CLINIC to promote the idea of smart-aging and longevity. I very much believe in natural or minimally invasive ways to attend to the skin condition and slim figure. We therefore focus primarily on regenerative medicine therapies. We aim at stimulating the skin to restore its health, firmness, youth and radiance, while maintaining natural appearance. As I am not in favor of excessive use of fillers, we only use them as a finishing touch at the very end of a therapy.


Safety of our Patients and effectiveness of the treatments are our top priorities at JETSET CLINIC. This approach determines our development strategy. We are quite selective in terms of new technologies we invest in. I personally make sure they have been thoroughly tested and approved for use by credible agencies, e.g. FDA. We also test all procedures internally, mostly on ourselves, before offering them to the Patients. We have consciously decided not to engage in certain solutions as we weren’t entirely convinced of their quality, despite widespread market popularity. Treatments that you do find on our offer are those that we absolutely believe are safe and effective.


The key enabler of customer satisfaction is our People. This is our greatest advantage! I am proud that I managed to create a Team of high-class specialists, exceptionally committed to their work. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with you! Thank you!


Adrian Kajca

Owner and Manager,  JETSET CLINIC


What makes us unique?


Meet our Team

Adriana Kajca

Owner & Manager JETSET CLINIC

Karolina Klimek-Tomczak, PhD

Aesthetic Doctor

Dorota Konopka, MSc

Senior Cosmetologist

Olena Bolibrukh-Słupska, BSc

Certified Cosmetologist

Magdalena Matianowska-Grant, MSc

Certified Cosmetologist

Joanna Kołodziej, BSc

Certified Cosmetologist

Aleksandra Kapelewska, MSc

Certified Cosmetologist

Agnieszka Martyniuk, MSc

 Patient Advisor

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